Tien Jun Xiang
Degree in Architecture, Class of 2019

“My journey studying at UCSI inspired me to think critically from a different perspective. The University not only taught me to become a better architect, but also as a better human being. 

Being a student studying in such a fantastic academic environment, I am grateful that UCSI encourages us to be free to explore and keep pushing ourselves beyond our limits. The challenges that I encountered gave me more confidence and passion in my field of study. I have a broader perspective on architecture and can take responsibility of what I design for people.

I believe the knowledge that I learnt will lead me on the right path which will allow me to keep moving forward in my architectural journey.”

Tien Jun Xiang was the winner of the Silver in the 2019 ARCASIA Student Competition, the Gold in the 2019 Asia Young Designer Award and was the 2020 PAM Student Finalist. He is currently pursuing the Master in Architecture programme at UCSI University.

Mohamed Razikeen Mohamed Aakif
Diploma in Architectural Studies, Class of 2018

“I look back at my educational journey at UCSI with fondness as I was able to achieve my best because of the dedicated and friendly staff and calm atmosphere to study. I was given many opportunities such as leading a renovation project for an orphanage, designing reusable furniture and having my work showcased in exhibitions.

I was then given the freedom to go back to Sri Lanka, my home country, to complete my six months industrial training.

I applied to Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia and was immediately accepted as they recognised the UCSI’s Diploma in Architectural Studies curriculum. I was offered a scholarship which allowed me to go directly into their second year for the Bachelor of Design (Architecture). Although I enjoy studying in Australia, I really miss my friends, kind lecturers, helpful Head of Programmes and the lovely atmosphere at UCSI University.”

Betty Ting
Degree in Architecture, Class of 2012

“UCSI is a place with wonderful memories. Graduating from the School of Architecture and Built Environment, all the sleepless nights, restless days for crit sessions  transformed us into resilient people able to cope with stressful situations. Others than academics, the multicultural environment also  shaped our adaptability and social skills.

Capable and inspiring lecturers remained lifetime coaches who watched us grow. I am grateful for everything and UCSI definitely gave me a strong foundation before stepping into the workforce. After a decade, I took a leap of faith with 3 of my partners starting up our own drive-thru business and then began the entrepreneurial journey. 

This venture may not be directly related to my field of study but the ability to visualise and execute the plan with soft skills learnt during my time at SABE was essential.   

Catch us at Kejap Food- the 1st drive through service in Malaysia selling local food. We are on a mission to feed the hungry, to feed the hurry and to feed the foodie.”

“Drive thru your local delicacies!”


Ar Phyllis Wong
Degree in Architecture, Class of 2012

Graduated in UCSI – school of architecture and built environment in 2011. Three years in UCSI is one of the most interesting stage in life that give me opportunity to explore. USCI gave me a platform to challenge the limits and continuous to be a better person. I had been extremely fortunate to spend these three year with superb and helpful lecturers. With the supports from lecturers, I continued to pursue my Part II & Part III in architecture and I finally completed my professional in year 2019.

Started my architect firm and a small baking studio in 2020, where I can continue with my architecture journey and enjoy a slice of cake at the same time.

Phyllis Wong: 016-9335568

Instagram: eight.oct

Ar Tan Kwon Chong
Degree in Architecture, Class of 2013

“Studying in UCSI changed my perspectives towards architecture. The school not only focuses in the transfer of knowledge but exposes us to various aspect of architecture via workshops and community projects.

The close encounters we have with the end users allow us to acknowledge our responsibility as professional architects and be more cautious in drafting out designs as solutions rather than a show-off piece. To learn knowledge is straightforward, but many have failed in cultivating the soft skills, especially the sense of compassion.

I will continue to improve and contribute to the Malaysian architectural industry, exemplifying UCSI University’s core values of COMMUNITY. I too believe learning is a journey that should never end, and we will never stop.”

Today, Kwon Chong is the Principal Architect of his own firm, Tan Kwon Chong Architect.

Tan Kah Chuan3

Tan Kah Chuan
Degree in Architecture, Class of 2011

“For me, it is not just about how an academic programme may lead us, but how the faculty leads us to show the right attitude. The faculty inspired me to take on this profession with passion and not to measure results by financial outcomes. I realise that passion is the catalyst to inspire action and action lead to results. I thank UCSI for providing a conducive environment that has cultivated the lifelong learning mind set.

After graduating and starting to work, I learnt about I-Ching, which helped me to understand how the five elements can affect the surroundings. This especially enhances my skills on how to design a better environment for the end-users. I believe architecture is not just a task to create fancy buildings for people to live in. We need to consider the surrounding features and arrangements which form part of the building. This will definitely affect the energy of the environment.

Learning from different aspects helps me enrich what ‘architecture’ can do, and the learning continues…”

Today, Kah Chuan is the Principal Architect of Kah Chuan Architect and an I-Ching Fengshui Consultant.