The School of Architecture and Built Environment (SABE) works to constantly gear and motivate students towards a complete architecture experience that leads them to attain a sensitive heart and mind towards the world they live in.

Ensuring a curriculum that educates students in the core understanding of the built environment. SABE continuously works to produce environmental, cultural and community sensitive students through innovative teaching and learning practices.

The School has close ties with the industry and professional bodies, ensuring that the program remains relevant to industrial needs. With the degree architecture and interior architecture obtaining professional accreditation. UCSI graduates have an easy passage to any university in the world.

The School established in Year 2005, and has since then till 2019 produced 1007 graduates from different level of studies.



Architecture, Interior and Quantity Surveying are professions that public are thinking highly of. At our School of Architecture and Built Environment, we believe that the professional education goes beyond the mastery of knowledge and skills but about the ability to use this knowledge to acquire, search, process and use it to implement projects with passion and compassion.

Professionalism comprises those attributes and behaviors that serve to maintain users’ interests above the professional’s self-interest. Professionalism means the continuing pursuit of excellence and includes the following qualities: Altruism is the essence of professionalism.

Asst.Prof. Ar.Chia Lin Lin


To be an intellectually resilient Praxis School in Built Environment renowned for its leadership in academic pursuits and engagement with the industry and community.


  • To promote transformative education that empowers students from all walks of life to be successful individuals with integrity, professionalism and a desire to contribute to society.
  • To optimise relationships between industry and academia through the provision of education and unparalleled workplace exposure via praxis centres
  • To spearhead innovation in teaching and learning excellence through unique delivery systems to promote deeper thinking.
  • To foster a sustainable culture of research, value innovation and practice, in partnership with industries and society.
  • To operate ethically at the highest standards of efficiency, while instilling values of diversity and inclusiveness, to sustain the vision for future generations.

SABE is committed to holistic education beyond knowledge transfer by connecting the learners with industrial players, academics, NGOs, government agencies, communities, and end users creating a better, inclusive and borderless learning environment for all.